Tribalogy Story

Tribalogy… from a workshop to a Non-profit Business

In 2013, a psychological workshop was held by a Japanese NGO located in Zarqa, Jordan. This scholarship was extraordinary and exceptional. As a result, it became an income-generating project.

With tribology, ladies have a wide space to learn and gain! Consequently, refugees and non-refugees ladies in Zarqaa and Zaatari are here to be provided with designs, materials, and marketing as well.

Because these passionate ladies are a big part of the project, they are the most important participants there as they meet the teamwork weekly and receive the tasks that they can do from their home in between their chores as they get paid immediately after a piece of work they complete.

The NGO has closed its project due to the end of the funding. However, that was not the end of it! As the project has been registered as a non-profit business in Jordan and carried by its Japanese founder, Mei Hayashi.

Challenges Faced by Tribalogy

The biggest challenges faced by Tribalogy mainly reside in selling every item produced as there must be a balance between the volume of production and the volume of sales. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the project to be sustained.

Another challenge is that only one person does everything related to procurement, administrative tasks, accounting, marketing, and so on and this is due to the lack of manpower and funds for the project. However, it may be dealt with this challenge by letting the participated ladies have more responsibilities in the upcoming future which also opens the door for them to take a great role in business development.

The Social Impact of Tribalogy

It is strongly believed that Tribalogy doesn’t only help women by giving them financial support! Rather, they are given motivation, self-esteem, and more participation in their society.

If all women in our societies were trained on how to be self-sustainable, a lot of community problems would be solved! Be a great part of this and start browsing Triablogy products on Souq Fann now!

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Tribalogy… from a workshop to a Non-profit Busines