Return and Exchange Policy

Thank you for choosing Souq Fann, please see our website’s exchange and return policy detailed below:

  1. The customer can exchange the products within a period not exceeding 72 hours from the date of receipt, provided that the original invoice is present.

  2. The product exchange process takes place in one of the following cases:

    • The receipt of a wrong product other than the one purchased.

    • If the product is damaged.

  3. At the time of return or exchange, the product must be in its original packaging and be packaged in a way that ensures its safety.

  4.  The customer can exchange or return the product for one time only, if the above-mentioned exchange and return conditions apply.

  5. Souq Fann does not offer a cash refund service, as the return will be in the form of a voucher with a value equal to the amount paid.

  6. Souq Fann bears the costs of returning the product from the customer in the event of damage or in the case of the purchase of a wrong product.

  7. Products can be returned or exchanged by contacting the Souq Fann team through a phone call or WhatsApp message at: 00962790717719 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Circumstances where exchange or return is not possible

The customer cannot return or exchange the products in the following cases:

  1. If the product’s packaging or specifications prevents it from being exchanged or returned because this leads to its damage or the impossibility of returning it to the original purchase condition. Hence reselling it.

  2. If the customer misuses the goods or destroys them.

  3. If there are missing components, or the product is returned without the packaging or with a torn package.

  4. Personal care products (such as soaps, creams, towels...etc) cannot be returned or exchanged because of the nature of their use and for health reasons.

  5. In the case of purchasing food products such as chocolate, cheese, etc., due to the impossibility of returning them to the original purchase condition after opening them.