Shemagh & Hatah

Shemagh & Hatah

Shemagh & Hatah Story

Elham Azayem was inspired to start her own business when she realized the importance of introducing new heritage products during Independence Day celebrations. Her determination and creativity helped her turn her great idea into reality.

Elham's determination to create a shemagh that was easy to wear and tie without assistance led to the birth of the "Shemagh & Hatah" project. Her innovative designs made it possible for anyone to wear and fasten a shemagh in a way that resembled the Jordanian national costume. Her vision was to inspire tourists to try wearing the shemagh while visiting Jordan's popular destinations, such as Petra and Wadi Rum, giving them an authentic and unique experience. The idea behind it inspired the project's name, and soon, it started selling shemaghs, accessories, and heritage medals that reflected Jordanian culture.

Elham faces challenges in her work, including the time it takes to complete her tasks. She can tailor only two to three pieces a day. First, she hand-tailors the shemagh fabric, then sews the lining and shapes it into a hat. Marketing her products is also difficult, as she wants to reach a larger audience and show them the beauty and usefulness of her work.

Elham's work is focused on creating heritage pieces that express Jordan's unique culture and authenticity. Despite any challenges that come her way, her love and determination keep her moving forward!

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