Shams Store

Shams Store

Shams Store Story

Bayan Al-jarrah started her “Shams Store” business after working on different projects. She tried many handicrafts before discovering that making accessories is actually the most fulfilling thing she can ever do.

With her amazing skills in working with Fimo clay, Bayan makes extraordinary pieces of accessories in different designs.

“I love everything that is handmade, that’s why I started this project… to express myself in the form of art pieces, to feel happy with it, and to make others happy!” Says Bayan.

As for the store name, Bayan chose “Shams” which means “the sun” in Arabic, because she believes that each piece she makes, will give a warm feeling to anyone who sees it or wear it. The process of making accessories using Fimo clay takes from a few hours to several days depending on the piece of accessory.

It starts with shaping the piece by hand or using special tools, then baking them in the oven before moving to the smoothing and polishing and finally packing the final products to be delivered to clients.

You can now browse the beautiful handmade accessory pieces made by Shams available now on Souqfann.

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