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Sewar craft

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Mrs. Raya initially worked in the pharmacy field before taking a break from her career to focus on her responsibilities as a mother and housewife. It wasn't until she created a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend that she discovered her passion for crafting handmade gifts. Handmade gifts are highly sought after because they can be personalized to suit an individual's unique taste, making them feel cherished and valued. This realization inspired Ms. Raya to establish her own project, which she aptly named "Swar Craft" after her daughter, Swar.

Mrs. Raya's crafting skills are diverse, and she produces a range of decorative pieces that can be used both inside and outside the home, or as heartfelt gifts for loved ones. Using macrame threads, she creates unique wall decor, mirrors, macrame items, hanging planters, and many other pieces with exceptional designs.

However, the time required to prepare each item varies, with some taking up to a week, and others up to two weeks depending on their size and complexity. For Mrs. Raya, this can be challenging as a mother who juggles household tasks and caring for her child. Despite being in the early stages of her project, she remains committed to her vision, knowing that it requires considerable time and effort to achieve. Although she encounters obstacles along the way, her love for creating products that bring joy to others keeps her going.

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From a pharmacist to a professional gift maker!