Semsem Handmade

Semsem Handmade

Semsem Handmade Story

Although the Covid-19 epidemic undoubtedly had a significant impact on a lot of individuals, it also provided many people with the chance to learn new skills and transform those skills into a source of income. 

This is how Mrs. Samar Abu Layla began her "Semsem Handmade" shop. She decided to learn drawing and paste formation art while spending a lot of time at home waiting for the pandemic to end. She was eventually able to turn her passion into a source of earnings for herself.

In her shop, Mrs. Samar sells a unique selection of wooden objects and paintings with beautiful mandala drawings, as well as porcelain objects (mugs and coffee cups) embellished with artistic decorations made by hand from ceramic paste.

The creation of any piece begins with

  • Preparing the ceramic paste, which is mainly made of glue and starch, then adding colorants to it.

  • Placing the paste into the mold of the desired design, then waiting for it to dry for 12-24 hours.

  • Adding the foam and letting it dry for a few more hours.

  • Adding the design to the cup.

Mrs. Samar uses her extraordinary drawing and paste-forming skills to create attractive and practical items with a distinct aesthetic flair. Check them out now on Souq Fann!

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