Salma Story

Salma's store began as a solution to founder Mr. Bashar and his family's need for affordable, strong, and stylish bags. He purchased top-quality leather, threads, and tools and even borrowed a friend's sewing machine to create bags for himself and his wife. As his relatives saw and loved his creations, he expanded his business, crafting distinctive leather bags of various designs.

Mr. Bashar takes pride in using only the best materials, including satin, cardboard, synthetic and natural leather, and different types of threads to create high-quality bags for both men and women, as well as travel bags and school bags. He pours his heart and soul into each bag, with the production of a single piece taking anywhere from two to eight hours depending on the size and design of the bag and the intricate engravings that adorn it.

While the journey hasn't always been easy for Salma's store, Mr. Bashar's passion for his craft has only grown stronger. Despite financial obstacles and limited equipment, he remains dedicated to expanding his business and bringing his top-quality bags to new markets.

You can now browse and purchase these exceptional bags crafted with passion and skill from Salma's store on Souqfann!

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High-quality leather bags that suits all needs