Sadu Story

Beginnings of Sadu Project

Abdullah Qitawi, who takes pride in his heritage and the captivating Bedouin culture, noticed during his research that the cloth associated with Arab countries and the Bedouin culture, known as Sadu, is not widely used or known among people in the community. This prompted him to take action and popularize the cloth by incorporating it, along with leather, into the production of various handmade products such as women's bags, laptop bags, caps, clothing, and other daily-use items. Through his work, the Bedouin heritage can be propagated in society. The project is aptly named after the fabric utilized in its creation (The Sadu).

The process of crafting Sadu items commences with the selection of the product, followed by the procurement of raw materials. These materials are then sent to the workshop to begin the manufacturing process. Once completed, the items are photographed and wrapped in a special cover as the final stage.

Challenges Faced by Sadu Project

Success cannot come without effort, and this is also true for the Sadu project, which involves a medium level of difficulty and requires a great deal of commitment, especially since the project is still in its early stages. For instance, creating 100 high-quality bags can take 4 to 5 working days. Moreover, since the Sadu cloth is available in limited forms, one of the main challenges that the project faces is the restriction of the types of products that can be made.

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Weaving with Bedouin Threads