MUUT Story

The Very Beginning of MUUT:

Upon setting foot in Jordan, a profound connection with the culture was ignited within Nozomi, sparking a passion that would soon transform into an inspiring journey. With a heart full of determination, she made the heartfelt decision to return, infused with a purpose that would change lives.
The vision was born: Crafting exquisite tableware and cooking utensils from olive wood. Each piece is a testament to unwavering quality. However, this venture wasn't solely about business but about making a lasting impact. With compassion as a guide, the project aimed to uplift refugees and the local community alike. Through job opportunities and woodworking skills, the initiative became a stepping stone towards brighter futures and a beacon of hope and empowerment.
When Nozomi named the business MUUT ("others" in Finnish), She hoped that when people used their products, they would remember someone significant and the people who created them.

About The Process and Challenges:

The process begins with the purchase of logs, from which it typically takes approximately a week to transform each log into a finished piece. Every day, they consistently produce about 10 of these items.
The logs they use are sourced from North Amman. The production process involves slicing, cutting, sanding, and applying oil for a refined finish.
Initially, they faced challenges in perfecting the art of creating high-quality products. Additionally, they encountered difficulties in locating suitable olive wood materials and acquiring the necessary machinery.

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Cooking Utensils Infused with Jordanian Spirit