Khatoonat Amman

Khatoonat Amman

Khatoonat Amman Story

First Steps of "Khatoonat Amman"

Lina Sidqi, an Iraqi lady, a talented and creative interior designer, decided one day to rely on herself and create her own project to achieve financial independence, which is designing decorations. She once wanted to craft an interior Arabic decor for her living room, but she couldn't find the pieces she had in mind, so she decide to make her own!

That is how "Khatoonat Amman" came to life and became her small creative business that makes beautiful decorative pieces inspired by Iraqi culture, as for the store name, the word "Khatoon" is a Turkish word that means a "polite lady" or a "lady from aristocratic background" and was transferred to many Islamic countries including Iraq".

Lina makes many products, such as dishes and baskets made of straw taken from palm leaves, as well as Arabic seating, and curtains made of wool.

Challenges Faced By "Khatoonat Amman"

The handicraft industry is considered difficult because it requires a lot of effort and time. But the real value of life comes when we have something to fight for... and this is what Mrs. Lina believed in. She persevered and continued to work hard to overcome the challenges she faced until she was able to succeed in her project and deliver her products to a wide range of clients.

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Beautiful handmade straw products