Kermaz Story

In 1989, colored threads, efforts, and dreams came together to weave a workshop that preserves the Jordanian Palestinian heritage inherited from ancestors, working on reviving it, preserving it, and passing it on to future generations.
1989, the idea of "Kermaz" was born under the name "Heritage Workshop," specializing in authentic heritage embroidery art, to reclaim its place in our lives, becoming a source of pride for our national identity and cultural heritage, and serving as another fortress through which we express our stories and identity.
In 2018, a permanent heritage exhibition was established under the name "Kermaz." Perhaps the threads that formed this name encapsulate our story, as it is inspired by the word "Qirmaz," which refers to the deep, rich, and powerful red color, just like our heritage.

For every heritage piece, there is a story woven from history by the hands of embroiderers guarding heritage and memory. "Their threads weave the tale."

""Kermaz" is the result of the Heritage Committee affiliated with the Arab Cultural Society, which has been dedicated since 1989 to the authentic Palestinian and Jordanian artisan heritage, particularly hand-embroidered peasant embroidery. "Kermaz" serves as the nurturing umbrella preserving heritage as part of the vision and mission of the Arab Cultural Society.

Our Vision: 

To tell a story intricately woven in every home, embodying our ever-renewing heritage.

Our Mission: 

To preserve our Palestinian and Jordanian embroidery art and pass it on to future generations by empowering local workers, transforming threads into a distinctive range of high-quality embroidered products, available at prices meeting various needs. Additionally, we invest in various community awareness elements to ensure the sustainability of authentic embroidery art.

Where did the name of your store come from?

Inspired by the vibrant red color, the permanent heritage exhibition "Kermaz" was established in 2018. Its aim is to develop designs and ideas for traditional embroidery products that align with current market demands while preserving the authenticity of embroidery and introducing it to new generations. Additionally, "Kermaz" works to provide decent employment opportunities for local workers from less privileged families, economically empowering them and improving their families' living standards.

What are the used raw materials?

Our hand embroidered authentic products are crafted to satisfy a wide range of personal taste. Tradition infused with a contemporary touch, with an endless range of colors of silk threads and textiles in all their luxurious varieties (Raw silk, Velvet, linen, Cotton), along with other high-quality materials carefully selected with great precision, Kermaz will add beauty, warmth and taste to you, your home and to your surroundings.

Fine materials and masterful artistry are behind every piece in our collection. Designed by our luminous artists and embroidered with meticulous attention to detail by the blessed hands of our embroiderers who took this profession from their ancestors, transforming a silk thread and a textile into a luxurious piece of art.

What are the stages the product goes through during production?

The designs are inspired by what aligns with the seasons and annual occasions through the following stages of work:
• Starting by designing the pieces by Kermaz designers from the Heritage Committee.
• Choosing the fabric and the color, along with thread colors that complement the design and the season.
 • Sending the raw materials along with the design to the skilled workers in embroidery to begin production within a specified timeframe.
• Receiving embroidered pieces within approved quality control standards.
• Assembling and sewing the embroidered pieces to complete production according to the design and receiving them within quality control standards.
• Pricing the pieces according to the approved system and mechanism.
• Photographing the produced pieces for documentation and production rights.
• Supplying the produced pieces on demand to authorized sales points and Kermaz showroom

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"Their Threads Weave The Tale."