Glass Memories

Glass Memories

Glass Memories Story

The sight of shattered glass turning into fragments was a painful experience for Mr. Sami, especially if the broken piece held a special sentimental value. This encouraged him to start his own project called "Glass Memories," which primarily aims to revive memories of glass by recycling and using it to create unique artistic decorative pieces.

Sami uses a mixture of resin, wood, and broken glass to create vibrant and distinctive art decorations and paintings. The process involves several stages, including cutting and hollowing out the wood, coloring it, adding the glass to the hollowed-out parts, and finally pouring epoxy resin over it to create a mosaic masterpiece of beauty and splendor.

Despite his passion and dedication to his project and his best efforts to develop it, Mr. Sami still faces some challenges related to marketing his store and reaching a larger customer base. However, by joining the Art Market platform, he hopes to overcome this obstacle and move forward to develop his business.

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Astonishing Mosaic Pieces Made with Love