Die Namen Chocolate

Die Namen Chocolate

Die Namen Chocolate Story

"Die Namen" is a German phrase that means "Names". 

Everything has a name, and each name has a meaning and a special memory. According to Mrs. Asmaa Al-Hamale, this project also started with stories and experiences. She started making chocolates for the family when her aunt suggested that she open her own store to sell them.

After completing her studies, Mrs. Asmaa started her project Die Namen to produce the most delicious and rich sorts of handmade chocolates that come in different flavors and shapes.

Using the finest types of Belgian chocolate (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate), Mrs. Asmaa crafts the most delicious chocolate decorated with nuts, dried berries, or marshmallows.

The first step in making chocolate is the tempering process, which involves melting the chocolate bar over steam while working to create crystals of cocoa butter particles. This step enhances the flavor of the chocolate and gives it a glazed texture. Next, the melted chocolate is poured into the mold while adding different nuts and fillings. And finally, after it cools, the chocolates are wrapped and ready for sale.

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Chocolate Made with Passion