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By Anna

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Beginnings of By Anna Project

Jordan is an ancient country with a longstanding history, renowned for its hospitality and generosity. People from around the world are fascinated by its monuments, which tell stories of grandeur, originality, and ambiance that all tourists love. Thus, visitors to Jordan often take something with them to remember the beautiful moments they experienced there.

Inspired by Jordan's rich heritage, Anna wanted to create something that embodied the magnificence of the country and could be a special reminder of its memories. So, she came up with the idea of selling handmade bags made of cotton and Lycra to make them durable and ensure quality.

Although Anna makes her products with love and care, she faced some difficulties creating them, as every bag she makes requires a lot of time and effort to come out with the highest quality. Additionally, since the project is still in its early stages, she must find ways to reach more people and promote her products. Lastly, she needs to find reliable and committed partners that can help her develop the project further.

You can now browse the skillfully-made products of Anna on Souqfann!

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A Lovely Embrace From The Aroma Of Jordan.