BB-Art Story

Discovering the Artistic Family Legacy

Omaima Bitar inherited her forefathers' artistic and creative sense, which began when her mother's grandfather began designing and teaching the fundamentals of decoration and drawing in Arabic calligraphy on various materials. Her mother and grandmother completed the journey by beginning to work in various arts, such as folding copper and making ceramic flowers, in addition to the traditional Sarma craftsmanship of cutting cardboard into artistic shapes and decorating them with gold threads.

Preserving Artistic Heritage by Launching a Special Business

The BB-Art project concept is based on merging modern arts and implementing them on various materials to provide products with unique designs and high quality to keep up with the artistic revolution while preserving the heritage touch. Omaima's project incorporates a variety of materials, including wooden panels, boxes, and panels made of cloth, olive wood, and beech wood, as well as glass and pottery.

As for the products offered by this project, they are diverse and include mugs, coasters, paintings, bookmarks, medals, wall and car hangings, wooden boxes, and trays. And that is through the art of resin, the art of mandala, and dotted drawing, in addition to the art of painting on glass.

Before reaching their final shape, these products go through several stages, the first of which is the creation of designs, followed by the implementation of the product and the selection of the appropriate material to work on. Some designs are sent to the carpenter to be changed in shape and size before being inserted. The final stage involves finishing and edging the piece, as well as coating it with a glossy and insulating layer to preserve it.                                    

Choosing the name of the business

Omaima chose a logo for the business that begins with a double B. The first represents the initial of her mother's name, Basima, who is a source of inspiration for Omaima and her business partner. The second B represents the Bitar family, as it was the first art supporter. Then she added the word "art" to the name to represent that all forms of art available are in this business, both old and new.

Challenges Faced by the Store During Expansion

Despite Omaima and her mother's many years of technical experience in the field of design, some products require a long time in manufacturing, ranging from one day to two or three weeks, in order to choose the appropriate materials, combine colors, perfectly implement them on the materials, and then use materials that are incompatible with them in order to give the products a three-dimensional character. The most difficult challenge for the store is determining the best way to deliver products to the target groups. In addition, there is a lack of qualified workers in the field. However, with perseverance and patience, the solution was found, which is to train a number of creative women and people with mobility disabilities to work on this project in order to earn a living.


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An antique history filled with art and creativity