Al-Anbat's Grandson

Al-Anbat's Grandson

Al-Anbat's Grandson Story

In Petra, Saleh Al-Nasrat began his career as a stone carver fifteen years ago, overcoming many challenges as an artist.

Saleh's journey to work on his project was filled with difficult moments, but he never gave up his passion for sculpting. One of his biggest challenges was finding the correct type of stone for his artistic works. Despite this, he persevered until he discovered the perfect stone for his creations: Al-Thahan. His unwavering determination and love for art kept him going through all the ups and downs he encountered.

Saleh not only had the ability to find the suitable stone, but he also paid attention to the method of extracting it from the surrounding natural area and bringing it to his workshop. His extensive knowledge of the area enabled him to wisely use its resources and obtain the best pieces of stone.

Over the years, Saleh has dramatically developed his skills, and he now showcases works of art and antiques that reflect the beauty of Jordanian heritage and Arab authenticity uniquely.

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