Stitched With Love By Wafa

Stitched With Love By Wafa

Stitched With Love By Wafa Story

Beginnings of Mrs. Wafa Quosos’s Project

Sometimes a coincidence can change someone's whole life, and that's exactly what happened with Mrs. Wafa Quosos, as she never imagined herself writing stories and books for children. While she was studying for her master's degree in Puppetry in the US, one of the graduation requirements was to write, perform, and direct an original play. Back then, Mrs. Wafa performed a theatrical performance of her play "My Granny's Box...Tales", and this story brought a stream of questions as a lot of people were wondering if this story was based on the Jordanian heritage.

That was because the play was about Wafa's relationship with her grandmother and how she used to love her traditional dresses which eventually made her fall in love with Jordanian traditional dresses in general.

After reading the play's script, Mrs. Wafa's friends and relatives in Jordan encouraged her to transform it into a children's book. And that is exactly what she did. She wrote it again and showed it to some of her friends as well as writers and critics, who encouraged her even more to publish it.

It was the right decision and maybe the best one she ever took. The story was a huge success and was republished multiple times. People loved it because it sheds a light on a very special subject which is the rich heritage and traditional fashion of Jordan and Palestine.

Today, Mrs. Wafaa’s work is not limited to writing stories; she also produces free-hand drawn items without a pattern. Each item has its own design, which is not repeated with the rest of the items. This gives the products a unique and distinctive touch. 

Mrs. Wafa’s Publications

Mrs. Wafa's project is a charitable cultural project that revolves around publishing stories for children with a Jordanian flavor and characters close to reality, instilling positive values in the hearts of young kids, and encouraging them to read more about their mother tongue, the Arabic language.

So far, Mrs. Wafa has published 7 stories for children aged 6-12 years, available in paperback and hardcover. The story "Who loves Jordan more than me?" was also adopted as part of the curriculum for the first three grades in several primary schools.

Each book takes about 9 months to make, during which Wafa chooses the idea, writes the story, and rewrites it several times to come up with the best script, then comes the process of making the drawings and finally printing the book.

By showcasing her products on Souq Fann, Mrs. Wafaa hopes to make them more accessible to both children and adults, which will strengthen their connection to their homelands and encourage children to read in Arabic.

The Social Impact of Mrs. Wafa’s project

For each published story, a portion of the revenue is allocated to a children's association, such as the establishment of a children's library at the King Hussein Cancer Center, Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, and Promising Hands Association, Tkiyet Um Ali, and Atfaluna Association.
In addition to this, she seeks to decorate homes with decorative pieces that reflect the essence of our ancient heritage.

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