Um Jameel

Um Jameel

Um Jameel Story

Maha Al-Amayreh, a talented craftswoman created her source of income from her talent and passion for Hadab Making and Embroideries.

Maha became a mother of four girls and two boys. As Maha’s family is becoming bigger, the challenges they face were becoming bigger too! For this reason, Maha has taken the right decision to find an income source through some things she loves!

From the moment Maha took this decision until the minute, she embodied her hobby, passion, and inspiration to help her husband and family to face their difficult moments. From here, Maha has “Umm Jameel” as her own business to show us her creativity in Hadab Making and Embroideries on Shemagh.

“Umm Jameel’s” First Steps

Umm Jameel says: “Before becoming my main source of income, Hadab Making and Embroideries were the things where I find myself. Now, look at me, I have teamwork consisting of eight passionate craft ladies including myself and my daughters”

Only one shemagh was the first step of Um Jameel’s journey as she made Hadab for it and sell it. Like any start-up, she sold her first shemagh and benefited from this by buying the second shemagh and did the same process again and again. Bit by bit, she was able to teach her daughters and team members how to be professional in such craftsmanship.

Thus, her team was becoming wider and wider and she was curious about teaching ladies since she wasn’t able to meet customer needs alone.

“Um Jameel’s” Challenges and Concerns

At first, mastering only one type of Hadab Making was not a problem for Umm Jameel. However, as time goes by, she realized how important it is to learn other types of Hadab Making.

From this point on, she determined that there must be an expansion of the framework and scope of work. This is why she kept learning, seeking, searching, and dedicating her time and efforts only to learn more and more about Hadab Making types and indeed she greatly did!

Mastering most types of Hadab Making and Embroidering, especially the “Badia” one and the “Royal” one. Don’t miss the chance of having a look at “Umm Jameel’s’’ products on Souq Fann!

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Maha Al-Amayreh, a talented craftswoman created he