Tammam Toys

Tammam Toys

Tammam Toys Story

Thanks to his talent and ambition, a Syrian young craftsman residing in the Zaatari Camp loves wood and uses it as a clever way to express nostalgia to parents’ hearts and to instill happiness and joy in the hearts of their children, know more with us about Tammam Al Nabulsi!

Tammam Toys

Tammam Al Nabulsi is a genius craftsman and artisan who has always been passionate about wooden art. When the creative Tammam came to the camp, he determined to bring his excitement and enthusiasm with him to do something he loves!

Consequently, Tammam creates the highest-quality wooden handmade toys in different shapes and figures, such as animals and vehicles, cars, planes, and even trucks, all featuring brightened colors and crafted details.

Not just this, as Tammam keenly cares about your children’s safety, For this reason, the splayed edges of his toys are particularly safe for them and attract their attention along with the vibrant colors that all kids love and enjoy.

Challenges Faced by Tammam

A lot of challenges face Tammam and his toys to execute these wooden artistic toys such as the lack of raw materials and required equipment inside the camp, not to mention the market that is filled with cheap industrial toys.

All of the abovementioned issues make it less flexible and create a more significant obstacle that avoids him from participating in yearly bazaars to sell toys.

The Social Impact of Tammam Toys

Nostalgia is what makes Tammam toys unique and distinctive in their design as he touches happiness glamouring in the eyes of the parents once they look at the details of each toy and start to remember their childhood. What adds more beauty is that the parents now have the chance to pass these quality moments to their children too!

“Seeing my products displayed on Souq Fann will help me expand my work and open new marketing and logistic horizons for my products as they will hopefully be offered to thousands of customers”

This is how Tammam expressed his joining Souq Fann, wishing that each toy would appeal to your children. 

Browse the various wooden toys that are available now on Souq Fann and bring your child a nostalgic traditional toy made in love and designed especially for them!

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Thanks to his talent and ambition, a Syrian young