Shameyat Story

“Shameyat” Project owner, a Syrian mother of four, an ambitious lady who makes use of her artistic competence to achieve a better life for herself and her family.

Because difficulties and challenges of life never stop, this talented lady has taken the decision to stand up and face them. That's why we can see her now hardly trying not to miss any chance that drives her project towards the path of success and achieving life goals.

First Steps of “Shameyat” Journey

For the importance of embodying the Arabic culture through generations and for the purpose of having a better life for this gifted lady, her husband Mohammed, and her four children, she started to think about a creative way to open a new page in her life especially after the Syrian Crisis and tough circumstances touched every Syrian family.

As of that moment, “Shameyat” took the first step by selling its products through an active platform that cares about skillful artisans and supports them such as Souq Fann.

Each oriental product of “Shameyat” carries a heart-touching story whether sad or funny inspired by the cultures and motifs of the Syrian Arab Damascene vibes.

Without any doubt, “Shameyat’ is now all that this small family owns and relies on as they see it as a lantern that lightens the darkness of their path planted with aromatic Damask and Jasmine Roses.

Difficulties faced by “Shameyat”

Like most projects that are depending on local production face similar defiances, the most common troubles faced by “Shameyat” were the reason why they still keep going on. Not stopping or giving up!

Thereby, it was difficult to provide the high-quality required tools and equipment, and some financial issues were encountered, in addition to other downsides related to marketing, logistics, advertising, and so forth.

Can Souq Fann defeat the challenges of “Shameyat”?

Mercifully, the responsible parties of “Shameyat” deeply believe that Souq Fann is the ideal digital platform where every craftsman who is passionate about handmade products can sell and market their products easily.

Not only this, but unlike any other platform, Souq Fann highly appreciates the nights these craftsmen spent up late to work hard and to deliver the best quality products to offer you the finest handmade pieces.

A lover of handmade pieces and craftwork? Then, go on and start supporting the “Shameyat” project by browsing their products and choosing your optimal pieces to add a Levantine touch to your home decor!

Thanks to the terrific collaboration with Blumont and UNHCR which gives training and workshops through Souq Fann, the “Shameyat” Project owner now offers you her products that you can browse at Souq Fann.  No doubt, this great project was the main reason why the life of “Shameyat” Project owner changed after being able to help in providing financial sources for her family.

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“Shameyat” Project owner, a Syrian mother of four,