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Get to know “Soul”

What's in your hand is an embody of a soul, an identity of a world beyond matter, it's not just a product that was made only for profit but has a value that manifests the soul, and wrote a series of stories of creative and inspiring people in various fields over the years, in which their souls, ideas, energies, abilities, and hearts merged; that harmonized with the topography of feelings, visible and hidden. As there is also a universe of souls, secrets, and challenges behind that knowledge, discoveries, inventions, and industries.

Think for a moment about the development of needle and thread, this in itself is a story of inherited history that began since the Stone Age, and which is one of the foundations that facilitated our lives from the moment the idea was born until it reached our hearts, where it now represents everyone who resists the impossible to rise; after all, we are an integral part, a society, one unit where our great deeds are connected to our souls, and that is what "Soul" is all about.

"Soul" offers products that are crafted with perfection and gratitude, products that are exchanged between people with comfort from heart to heart, soul to soul.

Challenges Faced by “Soul”

The greatest challenge facing "Soul" is the price competition that outweighs the product's value and benefits. Not to mention other obstacles in marketing, as is the case for many craftsmen in the crafts sector in Jordan, the preference of ordering foreign products due to their low cost, in addition to the high prices of materials and the cost of local production, the scarcity of places and special conditions for this sector in a market teeming with competitors and other obstacles.

However, challenges like these motivate "Soul" to find flexible ways to keep pace with the ever-changing environment.

“Soul” Social Impact

"Soul" aims at investing the energies of young people; attracting the attention of specialists, decision-makers and policymakers to the craft and handicraft industries; increasing the awareness of the community that there are skilled and creative people who seek to preserve such crafts; creating job opportunities that contribute to local development; in addition to achieving cultural, economic, tourism, and social goals that serve the community.

Be part of the journey of these craftsmen and purchase their products available only at Souq Fann!

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Get to know “Soul”What's in your hand is an embody