Rose Story

“Rose” Store First Steps

Ever since she was a young girl living in Iraq and passionate about handiwork, Rose moved to Jordan where she learned artwork and started her own new business to make a variety of handmade and hand-built leather products including bags, accessories, and clutches using special techniques and selling them at reasonable prices.

Rose heard about a course on how to craft using leather. From day one until now, Rose enjoyed the work and the creativity it offered and knew that this path is the path she was meant to follow.

Imparting her experience and knowledge onto others, she started to teach children about making, designing, and creating simple accessories.

Challenges Faced by “Rose”

Rose never stopped developing herself and her skills day by day. Nevertheless, she faced many troubles residing in using sharp materials that are necessary for the craft in the beginning.

And because every artistic profession needs a lot of attention to detail, Rose sees it a little bit difficult to provide the needed precision and accuracy in addition to sewing the leather.

Regardless of the obstacles mentioned above, Rose wants her products to be special and unique which pushes her to develop herself and master the leatherwork as well.

“Rose” Joining Souq Fann

The main reason you can find “Rose” products on Souq Fann is that her products are special and this is surely achieved by her interest in perfection and detail. To her and to Souq Fann as well, making a final product that customers will love is nothing short of a necessity.

At the end of the day, Rose's work has positively impacted her family life both personally and economically, not to mention that it shaped a definite influence on defining who she is. Shop now!

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“Rose” Store First StepsEver since she was a young