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Riden. Jo Story

“Riden.Jo” Story

Hanan Khatib started her project “Riden.Jo”, to be the light to Jordanian women working in the embroidery craft. The store gathers women from modest backgrounds living in different cities in Jordan. With Riden.Jo, Hanan seeks to support these women by offering them a proper market for their products.

"Riden.Jo" store offers small pieces for home use, such as pillows, trays, and boxes that are used as decorative pieces in the living rooms, decorated with peasant embroidery inspired by the ancient heritage of the region, in bright and distinctive colors. The store also offers pieces used to decorate the interior facades of the house, such as hangings and frames with drawings from the past in colors matching the rest of the furniture.

"Riden.Jo" also aspires to produce traditional dresses in various colors and types according to the designs used in each region or city, while preserving the originality of designs and colors as it has been passed down through generations.

Challenges faced by “Riden.Jo

Like any craft store, "Riden.Jo" has faced many obstacles, such as the lack of raw materials due to the suspension of import and export during the COVID-19 pandemic, and consequently the high prices of materials that led to the high cost of production.

Other challenges were related to women's selection, the presence of machine embroidery as a strong competitor, in addition to the lack of marketing. Nevertheless, Hanan wasn’t discouraged, and she continued her project pushed by her desire to support craftswomen in her country.

The social impact of the store

Hanan is motivated by a big desire to provide additional income for women working in the embroidery craft. She also aspires to educate the community in general and the younger generation in particular about the heritage pieces that reflect the beauty of Palestinian and Jordanian art and culture, and encourage them to use them in their homes or wear them at parties and special occasions.

Support Hanan’s project, and decorate your home with the most beautiful pieces by browsing her products that are available now at Souq Fann!

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“Riden.Jo” StoryHanan Khatib started her project “