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“Qadeem Jadeed” Store

✦ Well, “Qadeem Jadeed” is an Arabic name that translates into “Old & New”. What can you think about when you hear “Old and New”?

It means that from the old, you can create the new!

That is to say, the idea of the “Qadeem Jadeed” store is based on creating new products from used and old clothes.

Thanks to the creative thinking of Ruba Al Haddad who owns the store, old clothes are given new life as new eco-friendly accessories to decorate your home interior with competitive prices and modern designs.

First of all, Ruba had her own idea as idea to start up her project unless the US Agency For International Development has supported and developed it from just an idea to an actual project.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis was one of the most significant challenges that affected selling the products negatively. However, Ruba is still working hard to provide you with the highest quality home decorations.

What does “Qadeem Jadeed” add to society?

✦ In fact, the social impact of the “Qadeem Jadeed” store is not only about recycling, reusing, and creating new products from old materials. Rather, the project contributes greatly to providing a source of income for less fortunate women by employing them in the project.

Instead of making the last moment for an old piece of cloth in the garbage, it can be in a new place with a new life to shape nice home accessories that embellish any home decor, start browsing Souq Fann now!❥

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“Qadeem Jadeed” Store✦ Well, “Qadeem Jadeed” is an