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Mystery Yarn

Mystery Yarn Story

"Mystery Yarn” Story

Having a passion for a particular field can give creative space or change someone's life completely. This is precisely what happened with Mrs. Marwa Al-Tarawneh, who had a passion for decoration and design since she was young, but she never had the chance to continue her studies in this field, and instead got her bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering, then worked for a couple of years in the field of her studies, however, she did not find herself in this area so she decided to quit her job.

After her marriage, Mrs. Marwa gave birth to her son "Ghaith", and she decided to celebrate him and prepare the newborn's gifts on her own. Right at that moment, Mrs. Marwa found again what she had been looking for for a long time, which is her passion for design and decoration. Then she made decorative pieces for her home using macrame threads to make a very beautiful and unique mirror for her home. This was the beginning of the "Mystery Yarn" store. 

Currently, Mrs. Marwa through her store offers macrame products where each piece features different details, and includes different raw materials such as; fabric, wood, ceramic, straw, etc, creating distinctive pieces that bring life to any place.

Challenges faced by “Mystery Yarn”

Mrs. Marwa started her project by believing that every person and every home needs a special piece that expresses the personality of the owner or the characteristic of that place. But like any craft project, Marwa's project faced several challenges, the most prominent of which were; The inconsistency of product prices with the nature of macrame work and the time taken to produce it. The fact that this craft is usually limited to producing plant hangers made of macrame threads, as well as the difficulty to market the products and build a target audience for this type of art. But that certainly did not prevent Mrs. Marwa from presenting the most beautiful macrame pieces that add elegant touches to the home decor.

Mystery Yarn’s Social Impact

Perhaps the current influence of “Mystery Yarn” is limited to personal benefit, as the store is still in its early stages. However, Ms. Marwa's passion for doing things she loves and her creativity in this field should remind us of the fact that we can always be creative in what we love and that we should get closer to our dreams and makes us strive to achieve them.

You can now buy Mystery Yarn’s unique decorative pieces only at Souq Fann!

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"Mystery Yarn” StoryHaving a passion for a particu