Muna's Embroidery

Muna's Embroidery

Muna's Embroidery Story

A talented crafter with a brilliant memory, Muna recreates traditional Jordanian embroidery. 

Bright colors and beautiful modern techniques bring back life to traditional Jordanian embroidery heritage for future generations.

Muna says, “I still remember my grandmother making pillow covers for the family and her preciseness in work and trying to give each piece something personal for the person she made it for. Although I was a child, this memory never died, and my grandmother passed down this heritage to me to keep it alive and make it grow. 

Muna took a promise to develop and spread her inherited tradition by making new, modern accessories that suit the customer’s taste.

Muna is a mother and a housewife. She works to support her family financially and to help her kids to finish their education. Work opportunities are challenging and limited in the local community, but that never stopped Muna to seek all paths to provide her family with better living conditions. 

Muna adds, “My little girl is 7 years old and she is my greatest motivation. One of my happiest moments was when she said, ‘I want to be like my mom.’ Supporting women in my local community through my work is what drives me to do more and go further. Inside my community, I am a producer and people should support women in the local community.”

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A talented crafter with a brilliant memory, Muna r