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A Passionate Artisan from Irbid who Knots Fine Macramé Cords, Lujain Ali

After Lujain graduated from Pharmacy school in 2015, she immediately married and became a mother of twin boys. During her marriage, Lujain worked for more than three years in the academic field. However, with all of the pressures of being a wife, a mother, and an employee, Lujain decided to quit her job and take care of her beloved family. Lujain did not realize that giving up her job would be her ticket to a whole new world of passion after she thought she would never again do what she loves.

“I started watching a lot of handcraft videos and tutorials until I became fixated on macramé. In the beginning, I started knotting small pieces by practicing knots over and over again. At that time, my knottings were flawed, however, my passion for macramé encouraged me to perfect them”, Lujain said. 

The beginning of Lujain’s journey was not easy as she had to work full-time and be with her family simultaneously. Lujain also faced many obstacles in finding the needed supplies and providing essential materials alongside her problems with marketing. However, Lujain's insistence on pursuing her passion motivated her to overcome all of the obstacles she faced. At first, Lujain worked small-scale by knotting handicrafts for her supportive family, who in their turn encouraged Lujain to sell her products.

"I do not do very well in marketing nor am I familiar with using social media for marketing purposes”, Lujain said. 

She added, “Now I am a vendor at Souq Fann I cannot find a better platform with such consumers to sell my products as it is hard to find people who appreciate the beauty of my handicrafts and the long working hours it takes to perfect each piece.” And this is when Lujain started her journey with Souq Fann. 

Lujain believes that any hand-made piece of art is an extraordinary piece as it merges art into the soul of its artisan.“My handicrafts are well-knotted with love. They can serve as unique gifts as it is not common in the local market.” Lujain added “my handicrafts include decorations, accessories for cars and houses, plant hangers, and special tablecloths. In other words, macramé is an art that can be added into any part of houses to add coziness to your living space.”

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A Passionate Artisan from Irbid who Knots Fine Mac