Manal Nashash

Manal Nashash

Manal Nashash Story

Manal Al Nashash, is a creative sculptor who translates her feelings into artistic pieces as each piece holds an assorted story to tell!

Manal holds many certificates in various fields, yet she chose the path that she is passionate about! In addition to being a sculptor and a potter, she is also an owner of her store “Manal Al-Nashash Store for Arts and Crafts”.

Not only owning an own store for craftsmanship. Rather, her infinite ambition led her to join several participations at the Arab, Local, and International levels. Through her participation and certificates, Manal is day by day proving her determination to reach an advanced and professional rank in what she actually loves and luxuriates!

“Manal Al Nashash Crafts and Arts Store” Journey Beginning

The creativity of Manal has no borders or limits either as she can provide the ultimate needs for every corner that lacks arts, sculptures, and handicrafts!

Many achievements this passionate lady was able to achieve thanks to her hard work, unlimited dedication to her inspiration, as well as her insistence on learning. She was and still believes that science is what adorns and beautifies man. That’s why she is now the owner of 17 personal art galleries and the owner of an arts initiative, representing Jordan and the Arab world in several different countries, including China, Iraq, Egypt, Dubai, and Kuwait.

The certificates that Manal holds are the reason why she is still growing up and not giving up. Therefore, she has been awarded various certificates including programming, Arts, Arabic Calligraphy, Tourism Associations Management, Training of Trainers, and Human Resources.

Manal always wants to add her simple touch of creativity to be seen in every corner of Jordan and around the world. That is why she has chosen to train craftsmen with the cooperation of governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Culture, in addition to the Amman Municipality, and more.

As a result of what she has done, her talent and ambition gained her an international accreditation to grant the international license in her training programs in the scope of arts, handicrafts, and small enterprises.

Obstacles Faced By Manal

Manal has reached many successes throughout her life but this doesn’t mean that she didn’t face many challenges, obstacles, and difficulties. 

As Manal imports her required materials from outside, she is always afraid of the changes in prices due to the economic and political circumstances.

Not only this, Manal sees that some competitions are unfair because a lot of people tend to imitate the handcrafted products in low quality and at lower prices which makes people sometimes go for this instead.

What does Manual think about Souq Fann's support?

“Here and now, I am taking a part from my soul, my effort, and even my inner thoughts in every piece of my products and giving this part to Souq Fann, the platform that highly appreciates what I do supports my talent, and markets my products as well!” This is how Manal expresses her words about Souq Fann’s support for her.

This passionate, talented, and skilled lady is so happy to be an active member of Souq Fann’s Family! That means her having a great platform to market products that are special in their spirit and identity.

If you are a fan of handicrafts and if you would like to support handicrafts, start having a look at Manal’s sculptures and pieces of art at Souq Fann Platform!

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Manal Al Nashash, is a creative sculptor who trans