Majid Al Batayneh

Majid Al Batayneh

Majid Al Batayneh Story

When Majid Al-Batayneh, a resident of Irbid, retired from the General Security Service in 2005, he felt he had just lifted a great burden from his shoulders. He had been working continuously for 47 years -- almost his entire life. For most of his career, he did not have time to pursue his passions and hobbies. His retirement was finally his opportunity to do so. He started simple: by manufacturing a clean wooden box using an old-fashioned design. After, Majid worked on developing his woodworking knowledge. He started taking his first steps toward producing wooden models of all kinds. The many challenges facing Majid stem from the lack of various types of timber required and the difficulty of marketing his range of products.

What distinguishes Majid’s wood products is his use of a variety of wood types, including reused and up-cycled materials. When creating larger works, he likes to use many different types of wood, adopting a beautiful and unique method for each piece. Majid begins the design process by always, first, selecting the type of wood to be used. He then starts cutting the different pieces which are later assembled together. Majid speaks about the durability of each piece, all characterized by strength and high quality, which any expert can distinguish immediately upon touching the final product.

When Majid talks about the impact of his work on himself, he focuses on how it is a source of personal pleasure and happiness, barely mentioning material profit, which he hardly considers important in comparison with all the time and effort that goes into each piece. When he earns the approval of those close to him and those who buy his works of art, he forgets about the sometimes tedious creation process, finding in his work contentment that positively fills his soul and life. He is glad that he is still able to give back, at his age, and is happy that he is taking advantage of his time by developing a hobby he loves.

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When Majid Al-Batayneh, a resident of Irbid, retir