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“Lumeyo” is a social business engaging Jordanian women in Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Petra, and Feynan by reviving the authentic Bedouin weaving heritage through the handcrafted production of bags, rugs, and pillows. Each piece is a unique expression of recycled sweaters, Bedouin heritage, modern design, and the craftswoman’s passion to create. With Lumeoy's products, you will therefore always have a little piece of Jordan with you that was created with love.

How did it start?

In 2009, Dutch designer and artist Sandra Jelly came to Jordan for a sabbatical to paint and participate in the local endurance race on horseback. She decided to stay and wondered how she could contribute to the local community through her experience in business and advertising. A small woven bag she found in Petra led her to six weaving women in Udruh - located close to Petra – and they started creating woolen bags under the name "BedouBag".

In 2014, Sandra established a non-profit business with the purpose to revive heritage, empowering Bedouin women, and inspiring young women to learn a craft. Meanwhile, Lumeyo has expanded to Feynan and Wadi Rum. Products are now woven out of cotton threads recycled from second-hand sweaters. Women in Aqaba, Wadi Rum, and Udruh recycle yarn and spin a double thread suitable for weaving on the ground loom.  

So the combination of recycled yarn and hand-made tradition results in an environmentally friendly product with a unique pattern design and finishing. Each item is a one-of-a-kind expression of Bedouin tradition.

“Lumeyo” Challenges

The biggest challenge faced by Lumeyo is the limited availability of suitable yarn to work with. The Bedouin women started recycling 2nd hand sweaters in order to create horse bags for the people working in Petra. This is the only way to generate a yarn suitable for weaving on the ground loom, other yarns were simply not affordable. Loving the environmental impact this process has, LUMEYO decided to upscale this recycling; in order to engage more women in the recycling and weaving process.

“Lumeyo” Social Impact

In addition to empowering women, “Lumeyo” is reviving Bedouin's weaving heritage. This heritage has lost appreciation and value and therefore has not been passed on to the next generation. This craft is literally dying. By introducing modern product design this tradition has found a new purpose and Lumeyo greatly seeks to inspire young women to participate in the design and production of items inspired by their tradition. Thus strengthening the role within their communities.

Indeed, by acquiring a handcrafted Lumeyo product, you are an effective part of empowering women and reviving their heritage in Jordan! Be an effective part in supporting women and reviving the Arabic culture as well through buying “Lumeyo” top-notch products at Souq Fann!

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“Lumeyo” Store“Lumeyo” is a social business engagi