Jadallah Story

Ahedah Jadallah is an ambitious artisan with a super ability to enrich today’s generation with heritage and revive it in their lifestyle!

From her strong belief in the importance of heritage and traditions, Ahedah decided to revive them in today’s generation but in a way that suits their contemporary way of living and modern way of styling up.

That is the reason why Ahedah and her project “Jadallah” are here today since she gladly devotes 30 years of experience and hard work to combining creativity with design to instill the traditional embroideries in the lives of our current generation.

The First Steps and Challenges of Jadallah’s Journey

In the beginning, the business behind the concept of “Jadallah’s” work was residing in embroidery artwork in general and Aheda didn’t have a brand name.

Nevertheless, Ahedah decided that her project must not stop here! For that reason, she started developing herself and her skills to achieve a better quality of her handmade products and reach her youth audience in more than a creative way! 

After “Ahedah” has been capable of developing her products through training sessions and workshops she joined such as the mentorship of Souq Fann, she has now added new value to her project. In this manner, the main value consisted of building an identity for her project and creating a special touch only customized for her designs.

By and large, it can be told to you to know that “Jadallah” is a project based on creating handmade designed products that attract young generations as they are the target group of “Jadallah”. Therefore, you can find multi designs speaking about both modernity and traditionality at the same time such as eco-bags and embroidered t-shirts.

Moving to challenges, like any business, the most important concerns and challenges Ahedah worried about were marketing products and creating an ID for the brand. Even so, Ahedah didn’t give the chance of these challenges to overcome her business. As a result, the “Jadallah Project” is developing traditional and modern products that suit our everyday life with the big help and support of Souq Fann.

Support local production and talented people of Jordan by looking at “Jadallah”!

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Ahedah Jadallah is an ambitious artisan with a sup