Habara Embroidery

Habara Embroidery

Habara Embroidery Story

A Brief About “Habara Embroidery”

To revive and preserve Palestinian heritage, Mrs. Fatima Idris started her embroidery project “Habara Embroidery”. Through her shop, she offers hand-embroidered pieces that reflect the peasant embroidery patterns of different regions in Palestine, with their unique colors and patterns, and the symbols they express from the daily life of mothers and grandmothers.

Starting this project was never Mrs. Fatima's intention in the first place, as embroidery was just a hobby that fill her spare time, she used to sew embroidered pieces for her daughters and relatives until the day she crafted hand-embroidered wallets, then her friends suggested she should create a page on social media platforms so she can sell these pieces, and this marks the beginnings of  "Habara Embroidery" shop.

Products Offered by “Habara Embroidery”

With her wish of being one of the contributors to preserving the Palestinian heritage, Mrs. Fatima produces the most beautiful hand-embroidered pieces in different shapes, sizes, and designs like; wallets, bookmarks, canvas bags, and coasters, as well as spoons, and forks holders.

During the process of making these products, Mrs. Fatima uses the finest German types of etamine, and DMC silk threads, which are distinguished by their constant color that does not fade or change, along with the finest types of fabrics, to produce the finest and most luxurious embroidered pieces. She starts by choosing the appropriate designs and colors, then embellishing the fabrics with the most beautiful hand embroidery patterns, and then adding the embroidered pieces to the final product.

In the world of handicrafts, making a product with good quality requires a lot of time, effort, and love, but peasant embroidery craft, in particular, requires accuracy, and lots of time, and effort. Therefore, the time required to produce each of the "Habara Embroidery" products varies with the amount of embroidery and the difficulty of the design, but each piece may need several days to be crafted with high quality.

“Habara Embroidery” Social Impact

Mrs. Fatima believes that her project, which is still in its beginnings, has a positive impact on her and gives her a sense of pride when she finally sees her designs come to life. She also has the idea of expanding her work in the future to include hand-embroidered clothes. 

Mrs. Fatima believes that the embroidered pieces she offers have a great role in introducing the culture and patterns of Palestinian embroidery to the young generation, thus changing the way they observe it so that they can be proud and adhere to it as part of their cultural identity.

You can now browse and purchase “Habara Embroidery” products made with lots of love only at Souq Fann!

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A Brief About “Habara Embroidery”To revive and pre