Gadara Story

“Creativity has no limits and it is stronger than any circumstances and challenges”

34 years ago, Gadara opened its doors and took its first step in the mosaic. Through a thriving historical path built up by addressing challenges, Gadara has proven itself and continued to establish a new theme of arts and design.

Since Gadara believes that the sky's the limit of creativity, it intends to strengthen the talents of disabilities by helping them, training them, and buying their pieces of art.

The artisans of Gadara are the best researchers for stones that help them design their mosaics. Thus, they go to several places and areas in Jordan to explore natural stones.

In every field, you face so many challenges while the field of the arts is full of them! The level of the beauty of your work depends on the way you treat these difficulties.

No doubt, Gadara is a master in mosaic and is considered a major producer and distributor of mosaic artwork. As it began from small paintings has now developed into designing art pieces represented in the manufacture of paintings, murals, and ceilings.

Worthy saying that Gadara is known for avoiding traditional ways. It’s art! Traditional ways should be far away. That’s why it creates several developed methods in such a field like creating the frames of the mosaic works from seashells. 

At the end of the day, Gadara has expressed an ancient heritage around the world thanks to the hard work of craftsmanship.

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“Creativity has no limits and it is stronger than