Flamingo Republic

Flamingo Republic

Flamingo Republic Story

Architects by profession, Dala Abdulhadi, and Ola Fathalla discovered their passion for fashion design after graduating from university. In 2016 they decided to follow this dream and launched their brand “Flamingo Republic”. Their vision was to create a fashion line that is unique in its origin. The vision would not only incorporate a modern and edgy design but also be a reflection of the heritage of the designers and draw international attention to their roots in the Middle East.

The inspiration behind the brand “Flamingo Republic” was the women who express themselves through fashion and are proud of their Middle Eastern traditions. Cross-stitching is the core of this collection with modern and bold twists to its designs.

The Flamingo Republic brings a fresh approach to the old stitching practice by using gentle color combinations, daring cuts, and designs, which make the pieces stand out from your typical collection.

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Architects by profession, Dala Abdulhadi, and Ola