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Bubu & Lulu Toys

Bubu & Lulu Toys Story

Bubu & Lulu Toys was founded by Noora Sharrab and Rania Turk with the goal to help generate a stable income for a disabled carpenter, Hassan, at the Rehabilitation Centre in the Jerash Refugee Camp. When they first started, they had both just given birth to their kids; Noora's first son Baby Iyad was nicknamed "Bubu" and Rania's first daughter Baby Layla was nicknamed "Lulu". They thought what better way to celebrate their children than to dedicate the name of the company to them? This is how Bubu & Lulu Toys was born. The company is made up of a small and humble team that operates out of Amman, Jordan, and Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Every product is handmade with absolute care with the goal to help raise awareness and a fair income for disabled boys and men in the Jerash Refugee Camp (also known as Gaza Camp) in Jordan.

Bubu & Lulu toys are all handmade locally. They work with the carpentry workshop at the Jerash Refugee camp, local Jordanian illustrators and designers, and local print presses to produce an array of toys that are both entertaining and educational to toddlers and children. Overall, their company and products are not only about employing refugees but helping to change the mindset of refugee men and women while highlighting their skills and stories.

Unlike many toys on the market, Bubu & Lulu mix-and-match products allow children to stretch their imagination. By shuffling around faces, arms, legs, and outfits, the child’s creativity can run wild. Apart from their exercise in imagination and creativity, Bubu & Lulu is also unique in that it has partnered with local designers to create unique, beautifully designed toys, with the goal to bring the basics back to children’s toys.

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Bubu & Lulu Toys was founded by Noora Sharrab