Alaa Aldeen For Ceramics

Alaa Aldeen For Ceramics

Alaa Aldeen For Ceramics Story

A Passionate Artisan about Handmade Artwork in which every Piece tells its own Story!

Since his childhood, Mohammad’s story begins with ceramics and pottery and continues until now. Mohammad was first motivated and inspired towards this profession by the spirit of creativity it features. 

From a passionate child to a ceramics shop owner!

When Mohammad was a student, he knew artisans around him. He was watching and contemplating everything they do and how they create pottery from sand mixtures and so on. Mohammad was and still is a big fan of how they create wells and zeer pots.

From the beginning until now, Mohammad has accompanied this type of art since its earlier days and witnessed its development of it. He mentioned that through the development of this sector, he saw how they started using white clay in their products so they can open one more door for their talents and apply their paintings, drawings, and ornaments on the ceramic products made with love and ambition.

After Mohammad finished his studies at school and university, he took the decision to translate his motive into the real ground. Thus, his first step toward this was opening his own small ceramic shop and evolving it bit by bit.

After years of developing and working hard, he became a professional and expert in ceramic art. This creates the chance for him to sell artistic products for many attractive touristic areas in Jerusalem.

Moving from Palestine to Jordan, during Mohammad’s visit to Amman’s bazaars and markets in the late ’70s, he was shocked that most people don’t have any idea about ceramics. However, this has strengthened him to spread out his knowledge and experience so they will know more about it! As a result, they started selling Mohamamd’s products in their own stores.

Thereafter, Mohammad was able to open his new ceramics shop in Amman. In the manner of starting up a new journey, no doubt that great efforts and hard work were needed in order to be able to provide all types of ceramic products including but not limited to ceramic plates, bowls, cups, and so on.

Challenges must be faced anywhere especially in the field of arts! If there were no difficulties dealt with, creativity will stop here. Accordingly, Alaa Al-DeenCeramics Shop is mainly worried about the decline of sales and production due to many reasons such as importing products from outside countries rather than supporting the local, decline of labor, in addition to the pandemic situation that has affected every single sector in the whole world.

Support local production and talented people of Jordan by having a look at Alaa Al Deen Ceramics!

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A Passionate Artisan about Handmade Artwork in whi