Basbous Story

“At Basbous, we try to be environmentally and ethically responsible”.

Tala Abdulhadi and Yasmine Alnabulsi are creative duo teamwork as they represent their creative own business called “Basbous” as they show their collaboration to create items at the intersection of art and design.

Therefore, Tala is an artist interested in internal monologues with a deep curiosity for all things imaginary. While Yasmine works to create a magical world of hybrid creatures like the mushroom jellyfish. 

Although Tala and Yasmine have different and distinctive talents and skills, their work overlaps on some points! But how?

So, there are many points that play a big role in creating meeting points such as symbolism and mythology. All in all, they say: “ We are fascinated by the intricate forms of the feminine in nature which can be seen in the pomegranate and fig”.

Despite the nature of your work, there must be a lot of challenges but these challenges will play the most important role to be successful. That is to say, Basbous faced several challenges in the process of making its products. Some relate to the availability of digital printing on the cloth so they decided to hand carve and print tote bags themselves and embrace the imperfections that come with it. Worthy said that Tala and Yasmine use two main processes lino-cut and silkscreen printing. It also allows them to create unique products to order so they do not waste material while mass-producing.

Another reason for their creativity is having limited resources and no doubt, this has led them to be more and more creative. However, they are looking to have a production room and a showroom to sell their products in the future.

Actually, the last challenge faced by Basbous was faced by every type of business as COVID 19 pandemic situation has stopped them from participating in fairs and meeting people whom they consider their inspiration.

Here, we would like to mention the functions that make their products special. Their bags are hand-printed and each one is unique by itself as they usually hand-carve the stamps and silkscreen print the pomegranates and jellyfish.

At the end of the day, we can see that Basbous has a great commitment to the environment. For example, they aim to use plastic-free materials and they use recycled materials for their packaging. In addition to being ethically and socially responsible by having the source of their bags from a company that empowers women.

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“At Basbous, we try to be environmentally and ethi