Wooden Christmas Tree with Two Adults Puzzle

YAY, it’s Christmas! But wait, is there a lockdown in your country during this b...lessed date? That’s fine, we provide you this artwork so you celebrate your Christmas and enjoy its vibes warmly, and thinking about the place of each piece! This puzzle features the image of Christmas Tree with two adults helping each other in creating the Christmas tree. The puzzle itself and the puzzle packaging box as well are both made of recycled wood which makes it a sustainable product to make sure it lasts longer and to minimize waste. Although the puzzle is available in 120 pieces, it is not easy at all! Spend quality time with your family and think about the right place for each piece. Remember always that guessing alone is not easy! Please be aside your kids when they are playing with this Christmas puzzle as it may include small parts. Well, puzzle is not just a game! It is a joyful way of thinking. Buy it now and share the final result with your friends!

Size Guide:

Height : 10 (cm)Width : 10(cm)Length : 10 (cm)
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