Jo-Puzzle Story

Jo-Puzzle is a Jordanian brand specializing in design and manufacturing jigsaw puzzles, it was launched in 2019 by the designer and engineer Mohammad Al-Fandi. The idea came to Mohammad in 2017 when he noticed the repetition of challenges in these puzzles, and the lack of Jordanian puzzle designs in the local market.

Mohammad started with several prototypes, he used the raw material he found in the market, and with the help of the fabrication laboratory “Fablab Irbid”, Mohammad got a fund from the “Shamal Start" project, which is funded by the European Union, with all that Mohammad was able to use all required machines and equipment to create his prototypes and to reach to the final product.

At the end of 2018, Mohammad produced the first puzzle, and the company sold its first piece. The company continued to work inside Fablab Irbid for several months until they opened their own place, equipped with the latest editions of all the machines they needed.

The main idea behind the Jo-Puzzle brand is connecting the artwork with the pieces used to form the puzzle, the story of the picture inspires the pieces, and the puzzle will not only stimulate your mind but it will also bring you back to the place and time of the picture, all the vibes connected to that image you will find it within the puzzle pieces. 

The material used for the puzzle is a recycled wood, to help make a sustainable product, and the image is directly printed on wood to make sure it lasts longer. The packaging is also made of recycled wood, to minimize waste.

Jo-Puzzle’s vision is to present a unique and different experience for its customers, and its mission is to change the perspective of puzzles from being just a game and giving them challenging artwork. In contrast, their goal is to empower Jordanian photographers and artists to spread their work and their stories by forming them into puzzles.

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Jo-Puzzle is a Jordanian brand specializing in des