Green and Orange Cotton Socks with Embroidered Gaz Patterns

Buying a pair of socks with handmade embroidered patterns means also donating to... feed a person in need! Inspired by the Jordanian struggle of handling and installing gas cylinders, this 100% cotton pair of socks features hand-embroidered Gaz jars patterns in which the socks have an orange basic color with jars patterning in yellow and green. In addition to the eco-friendly packaging as the can of the socks is recycled from food cans! A simple, small can holds: * Top-notch cotton socks made in Jordan * A message is written only for you! * A small clip so you don't get your socks lost in the laundry * A donation of food can for someone in need *Note: The pair of socks come in one size (39-44).

Size Guide:

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