The Good Socks

The Good Socks

The Good Socks Story

The good socks, of a kind social enterprise, contribute effectively to leaving a positive impact on the nutrition sector through socks production, but how?

The Good Socks Journey

Sinan and Omar, two university students and out-of-the-box brains established the first Jordanian socks production brand under their leadership and supervision in a way that supports the community services in Jordan and around the Arabic world.

Thus, “The Good Socks” specializes in manufacturing socks from 100% natural socks but it also has a strong belief that a good pair of socks is not only made from natural and original cotton since our socks embody and hold a lot of concepts inspired by the daily lifestyle in Jordan.

The business model of “The Good Socks” relies on three pillars including environmental protection, helping people in need, in addition, to let people enjoy wearing funky socks featuring joyous and catchy designs! However, the question says: how every aspect is addressed?

First, “The Good Socks” protects the environment by collecting food cans and recycling them to be upcycled and used again as a can for storing your pair of socks!

Second, being a part of charity work, “The Good Socks” helps people in need. In other words, for every sold sock can, a food can is donated to one of them.

Third, tackling the designs of the creative socks, “The Good Socks” provides each pair embodies the Jordanian lifestyle.

Challenges faced by “The Good Socks”

Sinan and Omar were not able to give the required time for their business due to their study at the university. Nevertheless, they didn’t give the chance to these circumstances to be stronger than their dream.

Sinan and Omar faced many challenges, the first of which was the lack of time to establish the company and start its work. Anyhow, the main challenge would be the difficulty of merging three separate areas that are not related to each other in only one product!

No doubt, “The Good Socks” is still making its efforts in order to reach the perfect level of combining the field of cotton socks manufacturing, packaging cans, and collecting charitable donations in one product. Adding the big impact that UNICEF leaves through its Social Innovation Incubators in partnership with JRF plays a big role in helping The Good Socks team provide the finest designs of socks!

“The Good Socks” Joining Souq Fann

Souq Fann and The Good Socks share the same interests at some points such as eradicating poverty, supporting eco-friendly products as well as supporting local production.

All of these reasons go beyond the motivation of joining Souq Fann which enables displaying their products to website users from all over the world who like to wear locally made products and to be a part of the community service likewise.

"When you unpackage a can of socks from the Good Socks for yourself, you open a can of food for someone else". 

This is the message that we hold for you!

Support this message and help those in need with us by browsing very good socks on Souq Fann platform!

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The good socks, of a kind social enterprise, contr