Cotton Socks with Peace Patterns

Send a message that is full of Peace in everything you do in your life! With thi...s pair of socks, you can support the concept of peace as you will be donating a can of food for someone in need when ordering your new socks! Although they are only socks, they hold so many moral and physical meanings in their 100% cotton fabric and eco-friendly packaging! The catchy design of this pair of socks is inspired by the importance of peace. That's why the socks have been decorated with Arabic "Salam" sayings and logos which translates "Peace" into English. When you open this food can which is recycled to be your socks can, you will find: * High-quality cotton socks made in Jordan * A lovely message is written especially for you! * A small clip so you don't get your socks lost in the laundry * A donation of food can for someone in need *Note: The pair of socks come in one size (39-44).

Size Guide:

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