Canvas Wood Wall Mural - Dervish Rituals

Designed by Hani Hourani Art

Inspired by religious rituals combined with arts, this mural is offered to you t...o embellish the decor of your store, office, or home! ▩ This mural contains 6 images on the same board in the theme of Sufi whirling or known as Sufi Turning practiced by dervishes. The colors of each piece are black and white. Also, this black and white photograph is printed on canvas and fixed to wood. Indeed, this wall mural holds more than one meaning as it expresses: ◩ Black & White classical motifs ◩ An important type of Islamic Art ◩ Dervish Rituals ◩ Handmade Work ◩ Passion whether in the work or in the way dervishes turn on, whirl, and dance This set would go as the absolute mural to join your home decor!

Size Guide:

Height : 3 (cm)Width : 58(cm)Length : 78 (cm)
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