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In 2008, an art shop started its journey only by being a part of an art gallery held in Jordan, Hani Hourani, the owner of the shop, has now his own studio to create artwork and show them to you through his large space and exhibition to view paintings.

First of all, the artist was inspired by the idea of converting black & white artworks into colorful ones using different and special materials of inks.

The art pieces made with love by Hani Hourani do not only add an elegant touch to your home decor, but they also embody a sustainable eco-friendly statement inside it since paintings are done on acid-free wallpapers.,

Hani Hourani Art Shop Challenges

How people look at photography and how some of them don’t appreciate art was one of the most prominent challenges faced by Hani Hourani Art Shop realizing that all art pieces available in his exhibition resulted from more than a quarter of a century of hard work besides profession.

Not to mention most of his artistic works were crowned through 18 artistic galleries held in different parts of the world whether in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

Nonetheless, the artist Hani strongly believes at the end of the day that this challenge can be dealt with by relying on awareness and combining artistic photographs with other materials. 

Hani Hourani Art Shop Social Impact

No doubt that Hani Hourani's artwork sparkled widespread interest and happiness in the hearts and minds of art lovers since they are eco-friendly, sustainable, and hold an outstanding reputation for life that deserves to be deeply contemplated.

Thanks to the new works and artistic additions he brought to the world of traditional art, Hani Hourani now developed the artistic view whether in the eyes of the local or foreign desired community.

Hani Hourani Art Shop & Souq Fann

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Hani Hourani Art ShopIn 2008, an art shop started