Yasmina Made with Love

Jordan / Amman

“Yasmina Made With Love” Store

With the aim of spreading love and positive energy, "Yasmina Made With Love" store opened its doors after the harsh conditions the world faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s when the craftswoman Yasmina took the pottery craft as a profession through which she creates beautiful pieces of art that are made with alot love, and which give a great feeling of happiness and positivity for anyone buying them.

Her main goal was to spread good vibes around her with her products, but she also wanted to generate additional income for herself with this handicraft she has been practicing and mastering for so many years.

“Yasmina Made With Love” Challenges

Yasmina wasn’t new to pottery, so making unique pieces of art wasn’t a difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, she faced some challenges related to taking the pieces she made from home to the thermal ovens in the pottery workshops, but that didn’t stop her from keeping her passion and doing her best to produce more beautiful pieces of art.

What does “Yasmina Made With Love” add to society?

The idea of “Yasmina Made With Love” was brought to life to spread love and positive energy in the world, and that’s exactly what each piece is doing now. It is made with love for the sake of spreading love!

Spread good vibes and support this creative craftswoman by purchasing her unique products available only at Souq Fann!



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