Tammam Toys

Tammam Toys

Jordan / Mafraq

Tammam is a young Syrian guy living in Zaatari camp, he has always been passionate about wooden art, when he came to the camp he brought his passion with him, Tammam creates wooden toys of animals and different figures, such as planes, cars and even trucks, with bright colors and crafted details for each and every piece.

Tammam says: the splayed edges are particularly safe for kids to play with, and the big sizes and parts are to grab children’s attention, not to mention the vibrant colors that all kids love.

Tammam faces a lot of challenges to execute these toys, from not having the raw material inside the Zaatari camp or the right equipment he needs, not to mention the market that is filled with cheap industrial toys, also, it’s not easy for him to participate in bazaars to sell his toys.

Tammam adds: Nostalgia is what makes my toys special, I see how happy the parents are about my toys and how it reminds them of their childhood, and how it will pass to their children. 

Tammam explains that his presence in Souq Fann will help him expand his work and open new horizons for him, hopefully, his work will be presented to thousands of shoppers and buyers. 

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