Jordan / Ajloun

Rose makes a variety of handmade leather products, hand-built using special techniques and selling at reasonable prices. Ever since she was a young girl living in Iraq, she loved handiwork. When she moved with her family to Jordan, she learned how to make items herself, creating accessories and other simple products. She soon started teaching children about how to make and design simple accessories, imparting her own knowledge onto others, until one day she heard about a course on how to craft using leather. From the first day, she really enjoyed the work and the creativity it offered and knew that that was the path she was meant to follow. 

When Rose first started out working with leather, she learned and developed her skills more and more each day.  She faced trouble using the sharp materials necessary for the craft in the beginning,  struggling with the necessity of precision and accuracy of cutting and sewing the leather. Because she wanted her products to be special, unique, and perfect, she continued to push herself, becoming the master leatherworker she is today.

What makes Rose’s products special is her interest in perfection and detail. To her, making a perfect final product that her customers will love is nothing short of a necessity.

Rose’s work has impacted her life both personally and economically. Not only has her work had a definite influence on defining who she is as a person, but learning a new profession has also contributed to a whole new source of income for her and her family.

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