Wooden Crafts

Wooden Crafts

Wooden Crafts Story

Mohammad Adnan feels a great passion for any work that is related to the manufacture of wooden products and models. At the beginning of the spread of Covid-19, he began to think seriously about turning this passion into his own business, at that time he began using materials such as bamboo wood, and MDF wood, in addition to special materials for installing and fixing products such as glue, in order to make Handcrafts that benefit people in their daily lives, as well as decorative products that can be used to add a beautiful touch to each home. Mohammed set himself a goal to produce 5 products each day and was indeed able to achieve it.

Like any handicraft business that is in its beginnings, Mohammad faces some challenges and matters that require great effort, in terms of finding the appropriate tools, drawing and designing the basic shape, and cutting wood accordingly. However, all this did not prevent him from committing and continuing his work as long as he eventually comes out with unique and beautiful pieces.

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