Weavingo Story

It is a small boutique in Amman, Jordan. and is dedicated to producing the highest quality handcrafted leather goods. And with elaborate handcrafting by the skilled craftsman Ahmed Khalil Al-Awadi, who is always keen to manufacture all his creations within the framework of fair trade and using ethically sourced materials.

The beginning was in the year 2021 when Ahmed Al-Awadi was watching some videos related to the manufacture of leather handicrafts out of love for this craft, which then turned into a project concerned with the manufacture of these products with love and passion. The most prominent of these industries are leather wallets, in which many materials are used, such as Italian vegetable-tanned leather, Japanese water-based glue, high-quality thread, edge polishing glue, and sandpaper.

As for the mechanism by which these products are made, it is entirely manual, and one product may take a full day of work as it goes through the following stages:

  1. The leather is cut according to the size of the required product.
  2. A Japanese-made water-based glue is applied to the edges of the leather to stick Its borders are tightened, after which the adhesive is left to dry.
  3. 4 mm is removed from the edge of the skin to be pricked with a specialized lancet and in a spaced manner.

After that, the leather is sewn manually using a high-quality thread attached to both ends of a blunt sewing needle. In the last stage, the ends are sanded several times with sandpaper and polished with a water-based substance to create a beautiful texture and attractive appearance.

Despite the quality of the products offered by this store, there are still some challenges facing it in growing further. These challenges are mainly represented in the digital marketing of products and publishing them on websites to reach a more significant number of people.

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Exquisite Leather Crafts by Skilled Hands