Ward by Safa

Ward by Safa

Ward by Safa Story

Safaa shares the story of her project with these words: 

"Our passion for life has been with us since birth, and it manifests in various stages of life. Sometimes we lose sight of it due to different circumstances, but we can always rediscover it later."

Safaa's love for fashion was inherited from her mother and brothers. When she was young, she watched her mother create unique fashion pieces. She was fascinated by recycling old items and turning them into something new.

About a year ago, Safaa began her "Ward" project, which combines her interests in fashion, heritage, and the environment. She designs sustainable and eco-friendly fashion using a single piece in multiple ways and repurposing materials and fabrics to create new, distinctive pieces.

Safaa believes that even though designers may follow the latest trends, each has their unique style. Her designs are infused with love and passion.

Safaa faces the challenge of communicating her idea to the world. However, she overcomes it by reaching out to platforms that support handicrafts and home-based talent.

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